We got moving today with the work we came to Botswana to do.  The load of block (cinder block) was delivered around lunch time; but, we were able to get started before lunch on the corners working with the master brick mason, a great worker from Zimbabwe named K’Numbay (pronounced K-New Bay) or something very close to that 🙂 .  We also had some of the members of the Naledi Fellowship congregation helping out at times.  We have to mix the mortar by hand on the ground and it’s not easy or lightweight work.  It was very warm today, in the low 90Fs with very low humidity (thank you God).  Still, there was plenty of sweat going on!

I will post some pictures of the construction progress as we move along this week.  Tomorrow Nancy and I are checking out of the lodging and going to stay the rest of the week with the Shipes family.  We will still have our meals here with the team each night.  It will be saving a ton of money and the Shipes family have 2 apartment-like rooms and we will not be taking anybody’s space while at their home.  Looking forward to getting there too as I will be their guest for the next week or so.  Scott and Tonya Shipes are some of my favorite people in the world, Botswana included :-).

Everyone is tired tonight after a good day’s work and we look forward to making even more progress tomorrow.  I am going to try and post another video, this time of the youth choir (young ladies); but, it doesn’t look likely as our internet is WAY slow tonight.  More soon!

In His Steps,


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