Day #2 of Construction

Day #2 rolled on with lots of dagga (aka mortar) from Dr. Allan Waterfield (aka Sir Mixalot).  The temperature was 97F and lucky for us still no humidity.  But, I think we all need to rehydrate before we head back out tomorrow.  We have 7 courses of block on the back wall and even have a few courses of small block for the interior walls set up.  The door frames have arrived and we hope to have some up tomorrow too.

We had Prayer Meeting tonight with the Naledi Fellowship after working up until 6pm.  I was privileged to bring the word and discussion to the group tonight.  We focused on the last part of Matthew 12 where Jesus declares the apostles his family because we are all family in the eyes of God once we have accepted Jesus and follow him in doing the Lord’s work.  It’s awesome to tell people I have family in Botswana and that’s why I travel so far! The church family was happy about that comment.  It was very different speaking to the large group with a translator; but, we got a good rhythm down fast.  Allan and Donny also led group in prayer tonight too.  Please remember to pray for Donny’s family as his Dad is having a pacemaker placed today, which follows open heart surgery and valve replacement last week.  Moruti Donny that is 🙂

Nancy and I are now in the two apartments at the Shipes family home in Gaborone.  We had another great dinner at the Olive Leaf.  I’m sure all of the gang will be sleeping well tonight.  We will hook up again with the group in the morning for Day #3.  Here are some photos of today’s work below.  Also, check out Donny at the “fish market”.

In His Steps, Mareko

Donny at Fish Market


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2 Responses to Day #2 of Construction

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks for the update and the pictures Mark. The new feeding station is coming right along and it looks great! I was happy to read about the prayer meeting this evening there.

    It sounds like you all are having a blessed adventure there in Botswana. Many prayers for a continued blessed time while you are there and for Donny’s father.

    Kim Wright
    Alice Drive

  2. Donna Chisam says:

    Thank you, thank you for the wonderful updates. I can hardly wait to return to this beloved land where God is pouring out His spirit!

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