Team on the way back home

The team is on the way home. They left Botswana around 5pm local and since we didn’t hear from them in South Africa, they must be airborne. They are due in Atlanta in the morning with a late morning arrival in Greenville. I don’t think they will make worship service. 😎

We had a departure celebration today with fried chicken and homemade dumplings per request with some “supa” chakalaka salad that was made by our friends at Naledi Baptist Fellowship. We passed Mahtada and his team that had been walking across Botswana to raise money for a community library in Old Naledi on the way to the airport. I was so glad Jason and Nancy got to see Mahtada before they left as he has been gone all week on his journey. Very cool day as Botswana TV was filming some of the walk and arrival in Gabs.

I am back at the Shipes home. We had burgers and hotdogs tonight with 2 college kids from the USA, who are here to start a Campus Crusade for Christ chapter at the University of Botswana. They will be here for a year and were so glad to have Internet access to call home and to eat a good meal. A good way to honor 9-11 in my book… We even tried to watch some football via Skype video!

I will be joining the worship at Open Baptist tomorrow. Looking forward to that as I have been to Botswana every year since 2008 and have yet to join worship there. Then Scott and I are going to plan the rest of my time here in Botswana.

So, the rest of the blog postings will be focused on my experiences here with the Shipes missionary family and the missions outside of Gabs. The adventure continues tomorrow!

In His Steps,

P.S. Here’s a photo of the team on the way home at the airport today. I am so proud of this team and what God allowed us to do this week!!!


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