Construction Day #3

We are back at the B&B and waiting for an outdoor grill of impala and kudu. So looking forward to that! Another solid day of construction. We are up to 8 courses on the back wall and we have window frames in the side walls in place.  Just so everyone knows, Jason Collins is a block mason y’all 😎

We had a later start today because we had to help our master mason get some money to his friend who had been arrested/detained and was being deported back to Zimbabwe, long story there 🙂

We had a rare cloud cover this morning and that kept it cooler this morning. The clouds were burned off long before lunch, which was at Wimpy’s over at Game City mall. Scott joined us at the end of our lunch for a quick burger. The temperature was much better today and we feel much stronger tonight.

We took the long route back tonight and enjoyed a sight-seeing ride through the city. My map and Jason’s driving got us home safely and we went around all the rush hour traffic. Nice ride and we also took a ride through Naledi village before heading home. We got an eye full of the extreme poverty that exists right where we are working. This feeding station will serve this community for many, many years. That’s the amazing thing that God is doing through us. We will never know how many we will touch. Our God is Awesome in Power (ok, I had that Chris Tomlin tune in my head all day and that worked :-)).

Looking forward to another night of rest tonight. Tomorrow we will be helping with the feeding at the current rented station in addition to building. Please know we are doing great and all laughing together often- that’s a great sign on jet lag Wednesday. More updates tomorrow.

In His Steps-

P.S. The kudu and impala grill was off the charts good eatin’. We all applauded the cooks. The kudu filet was my favorite along with the impala chops. The beets on the side…meh…

Child and cross at Naledi Fellowship

Day 3 Building


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1 Response to Construction Day #3

  1. Rob Smith says:

    Your daily updates are great…wish we were there with you all. Your in our prayers!!

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